Add variation to your workouts to improve co-ordination
August 11, 2019

Add variation to your workouts to improve co-ordination

When it comes to exercise there really is so much choice. It is all too easy to end up heading to the gym and completing the same programme day in day out but what benefits it has will eventually dip as the body becomes too adapted to it. Keeping exercise varied is important as not only does it challenge the mind it also challenges the body in new ways.

The body is a clever machine that needs to be challenged and worked to stay healthy and enhance and maintain functions it already has. Our bodies are designed to move and they need to move to stay working well so mixing up exercise and workouts can only be a good way to develop all aspects and functions of the body.

Without co-ordination, we would struggle to complete many everyday tasks for example walking, dressing, eating, typing or even exercising. Co-ordination is vital to our existence every day but what if you feel your co-ordination needs improving? Improving coordination through exercise is a great starting point and there are many different ways you can work out to improve the coordination of your body. Below you will find a few ideas to help mix up those workouts and improve your body working in sync.

Imagine the body has a ‘midline’ drawn down the centre of the body from your head to your toes separating your left and right side. For your body to work well both sides of the brain the left and right need to be challenged to enable it to work better. Completing exercises that challenge both sides and crosses over the imaginary line can help to improve coordination.

Boxing Skills

When you head to the gym often in the corner there are boxing hit pads or punch bag. Don’t ignore these as part of your exercise equipment as boxing skills are a great way to enhance and develop coordination. Think about the skills in boxing it is all about coordination of both the hands, feet and mind working together to be skilful and sharp. Find a partner and take it in turns to challenge one another with the hit pads working on challenging our mind and body by punching left to right, right to left and with a variety of punches and moves. Alternatively, use the punch bag in the same way challenging yourself to work different moves.

Jump rope

Is an excellent cardio workout that is perfect for developing coordination skills, working the feet, legs and arms in harmony together to ensure you don’t trip and catch the rope each time involves skill and practice, increase speed and height of jumps to increase the challenge.

Racquet sports

Provide the perfect opportunity to get the whole body moving and the senses activated. Reaching from left to right, using forearm and backhand moves and reaching high and low all help to develop coordination skills, not forgetting the speed and movement of your feet this is one workout bound to test.

Climbing walls

Are a great way to challenge the mind and body as the added height, skills and concentration required to stay on the wall really provide a good all-round workout . Try all the different walls to keep things varied and challenging and don’t forget safety first.

Cardio walls

Can be found in some gyms but if not next time you head to the trampoline park with family or friends why not find the cardio wall and enjoy a workout with a difference. Not only is it super exhausting but the varied, unexpected combinations will definitely get the brain working and enhance co-ordination.

Creating exercise opportunities that are varied will ensure exercise doesn’t become monotonous and even more importantly it will ensure the body and mind are challenged, worked and developed in lots of ways, vital for living a healthy life.