Boost your mood by increasing testosterone through exercise
July 12, 2019

Boost your mood by increasing testosterone through exercise

Feeling low in mood is common for many people from time to time and it is often something that will pass for many while for some it can be a sign of much more serious illness such as depression, but did you know that low mood is also a common symptom of low testosterone? Having low testosterone can affect individuals in many ways and using exercise can help to improve testosterone levels enhancing mood and improving other symptoms such as low self-confidence, disturbed sleep and poor concentration.

Sometimes it is great to head to the gym, plug in your headphones and workout out in a personal space that is dedicated to your exercises and your own headspace but actually, sometimes this can have a negative impact on your experiences. Choosing to mix up your workouts with a mixture of individual ones and workouts where exercise is shared amongst others could actually have a positive impact on your mood and testosterone levels and general health overall.

Team sports, for example, are a great way to get the heart pumping and tick the exercise box all while being in the company of others. Sharing skills, exercise techniques, competitive spirit and sharing in success are all great ways to boost your mood.

Football is a great game to start with as it can be getting friends together to play 5-a-side football or you could join a club and take up the regular commitments of training with a team and playing games each week. Rugby, running and cycling clubs are all great ways to enjoy shared exercises and many offer a range of levels. Don’t forget many team sports also involve the added bonus of a refreshing drink after the game to unwind and relax, another great way to seize the hormones called endorphins that are released through exercise and enhance mood.

For some, team sports might not be their first choice so how about heading to the gym with a friend or partner? Set yourself challenges and inspire each other to push yourselves further. Work as a team on interval training or head to the squash court for a workout with a difference.

Boot camps, exercise classes and cross fit are all great ways to mix up the training week and also they are the perfect opportunity to meet new people. Being inspired by others really helps motivation and when your mood is low motivation can dip. Knowing you will see someone you spoke to the week before or get to know someone new can really help motivate your attendance.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new if it is really not right for you that’s fine at least you tried, the important thing is you keep going. Another very important part of enhancing your testosterone through exercise is to allow yourself time for rest and recovery after workouts or training sessions. Like the social aspect of team sports? Why not ask a friend or your partner if they would like to go for a gentle walk after exercise and grab a bite to eat or head for a coffee, after all, your body has just worked very hard.