High fat burning exercises you can complete at home

Choosing to lose weight to maintain a healthy lifestyle and improve long term health doesn’t have to mean joining a gym and spending hours working away on machines. Sometimes choosing to maintain health and fitness can be easier fitted in when the workout venue is your very own home. Whatever exercise you choose the best way to achieve burning more fat is to incorporate aerobic (also known as cardio) exercises into your daily exercise routines. Aerobic exercise raises the heart rate, it is physical and allows the blood to pump oxygen around the body faster and increases breathing, improving overall fitness and health. Aerobic exercise also allows the body to continue burning fat for longer periods after exercise.

So what are the best exercises to burn fat when working out from home?

There are many exercises to choose from when it comes to working out at home and to achieve the best balance in your workouts it is best to mix up different exercises to allow your body to work in a variety of ways. Below you will find a few ideas to get you started…

(Remember to check with a health professional before starting any new exercise and remember to adapt exercises and amounts to suit you as an individual).

Jumping Jacks

The classic old school jumping jack also known as a star jump is a great way to increase your heart rate. They work the whole body including legs and arms and while they get your heart rate up they will also help to shape and tone the legs and glutes. Try bursts of 50 in 5 sets to really get the heart pumping.

Bear crawls

Yes, you are going to pretend to crawl like a bear to burn fat. Place your hands on the floor and using your feet and hands in an alternate walking motion crawl forward. Once you have a got a good rhythm you can speed it up to really increase the heart rate. Mix it up and move backwards as well as forwards to work the different muscle groups. Aim for bursts of crawling with short rest periods in between to really work the whole body.

Mountain Climbers

Increase the heart rate quickly and provide an intense attack on all muscle groups including the arms, legs and core. Place your hands on the floor and then place one leg forward and one leg back (think of a sprinter about to start a race position) alternate the legs by jumping them forward and back. You will soon have your heart pumping and your legs burning with this clever all-round fat burning exercise, try 5 sets of 20-30 reps.


The exercise dreaded by many but actually one of the very best exercises for an all-round body workout that very quickly increases heart rate and fat burning. Start standing and crouch down placing your hands on the floor, jump the feet backwards so the body represents the start of a press-up position, jump the feet back into your hands and then jump up taking your arms above your head add a jump and crouch down and repeat. Aim for 5 sets of 10 reps with a very short rest period between, once comfortable the sets and reps can be increased by building it up gradually.

Remember this is just a starting point so the sets and repetitions of each exercise can be adapted to suit you as an individual and your fitness level. Other high fat burning exercises you could incorporate in are jumping squats, plank variations, crunches and lunges. Online you can find lots of videos and tips to help you perfect the positions of each exercise.

Have fun and remember exercise is individual so only complete what is right for you.



Strength exercises to boost testosterone

Feeling healthy, fit and strong is a great way to improve performance and enhance self-confidence, a strong body and mind comes from focusing on living a healthy lifestyle, a nutritious balanced diet rich in protein and exercise that is dedicated and focused on strength building workouts.

Using exercise to boost testosterone is a great way to enhance the body in lots of ways such as boosting mood, improving concentration, improving muscle shape and quality, and enhancing strength.

There are different types of strength training and these include,

  • Targeting individual muscle groups with weights such as using cable pulls, barbells, dumbbells and EZ bar
  • Compound exercise that targets numerous muscle groups at once for example dumbbell squats or barbell deadlifts
  • Bodyweight exercises also known as callisthenics such as press-ups, dips, planks and squats

Whatever exercises you choose to make up your workout aim to keep it varied as to ensure all muscle groups are worked and mix it up to use all types of strength training. Aim for low reps, for example, 6-8, but with heavy weights and a high number of sets.

Strength training has many benefits and one of these is boosting testosterone levels in the body but did you know that by working on the largest muscles in the body such as the legs you will actually release more testosterone? Ensure that you include plenty of leg strengthening exercises and keep them varied to ensure that you work the different muscles individually. So whatever you do, don’t skip on the leg exercises when you work out.

Another great tip is exercises that use muscles to hold positions (fixators) work more than just the muscle targeted for example squats, planks and lunges so add in plenty of these to really provide the muscles with a varied workout.

Remember building strength takes time so don’t start off too heavy and cause exhaustion as your motivation will dip. Allow rest and recovery time between workouts to allow the body time to recharge, heal, repair and build muscle and don’t forget to refuel after with healthy food choices.



Exercises to improve muscle growth in your biceps and triceps

There are so many different reasons people choose to exercise, many people choose to partake in exercise to maintain weight or lose weight for health, some choose to focus on general health and fitness and some individuals choose to focus on workouts that will sculpt and shape the body in impressive ways. This takes dedication that is not just about exercises to shape muscles but also it involves following a diet rich in protein and a commitment to time spent working on specific areas of the body.

Deciding to dedicate time to building muscles and shaping them requires you to focus on fuelling your body the right ingredients to support muscle development and growth and preparation before workouts to ensure your body is well prepared to avoid injury and rips and tears in the muscles.

Improving muscle growth requires lots of weight training alongside bursts of cardio to help burn fat. This will help you to stay healthy and add definition to the sculptured muscles. You want to be focusing on working out at least four days a week and then use the remaining days for rest and cardio. Rest days are just as important as workout days as the body uses this time to repair and grow muscle fibres.

Below you will find a few ideas to inspire your biceps and triceps workouts when you hit the weights but remember the first thing you should do is warm up the body in preparation for work so head to the exercise bike, treadmill or rower before completing a full-body stretch. This will help to prevent injury and torn muscles that would stop your body working at its full potential.


Focus on different types of weights such as dumbbells, barbell and EZ bar, each time you workout remember to vary the grip on each exercise as this will work different parts of the single muscle. However, don’t be tempted to overload the weight as starting with too much weight will just cause damage and poor technique. Results will happen with time and dedication not immediately.

Use chin-ups and pull-ups to shape and sculpt the bicep, choosing to vary the grip will also help the muscle to work in different ways and some gyms even provide machines to help support the development of this exercise. To enhance strength in the bicep use cable pulls to isolate muscles and really work specific areas.


A great way to work the triceps and an exercise that can be done anywhere is the press up. To really focus on the triceps muscles place your hand close together rather than in the classic press-up position.

Working from the bench use a variety of weights including dumbbells and bars to complete exercises that work the weight with overhead presses. Another great way to work the triceps muscles are exercises that work by straightening the arms against resistance.

However you choose to work the key to muscle growth lies in varying the workouts so your body is continuously challenged, eating a protein-rich diet and stretching and resting muscles after workouts to prevent injury, and most importantly dedicating time and patience to the development process.


Boost your mood by increasing testosterone through exercise

Feeling low in mood is common for many people from time to time and it is often something that will pass for many while for some it can be a sign of much more serious illness such as depression, but did you know that low mood is also a common symptom of low testosterone? Having low testosterone can affect individuals in many ways and using exercise can help to improve testosterone levels enhancing mood and improving other symptoms such as low self-confidence, disturbed sleep and poor concentration.

Sometimes it is great to head to the gym, plug in your headphones and workout out in a personal space that is dedicated to your exercises and your own headspace but actually, sometimes this can have a negative impact on your experiences. Choosing to mix up your workouts with a mixture of individual ones and workouts where exercise is shared amongst others could actually have a positive impact on your mood and testosterone levels and general health overall.

Team sports, for example, are a great way to get the heart pumping and tick the exercise box all while being in the company of others. Sharing skills, exercise techniques, competitive spirit and sharing in success are all great ways to boost your mood.

Football is a great game to start with as it can be getting friends together to play 5-a-side football or you could join a club and take up the regular commitments of training with a team and playing games each week. Rugby, running and cycling clubs are all great ways to enjoy shared exercises and many offer a range of levels. Don’t forget many team sports also involve the added bonus of a refreshing drink after the game to unwind and relax, another great way to seize the hormones called endorphins that are released through exercise and enhance mood.

For some, team sports might not be their first choice so how about heading to the gym with a friend or partner? Set yourself challenges and inspire each other to push yourselves further. Work as a team on interval training or head to the squash court for a workout with a difference.

Boot camps, exercise classes and cross fit are all great ways to mix up the training week and also they are the perfect opportunity to meet new people. Being inspired by others really helps motivation and when your mood is low motivation can dip. Knowing you will see someone you spoke to the week before or get to know someone new can really help motivate your attendance.

Don’t be afraid of trying something new if it is really not right for you that’s fine at least you tried, the important thing is you keep going. Another very important part of enhancing your testosterone through exercise is to allow yourself time for rest and recovery after workouts or training sessions. Like the social aspect of team sports? Why not ask a friend or your partner if they would like to go for a gentle walk after exercise and grab a bite to eat or head for a coffee, after all, your body has just worked very hard.