Enhance the body’s ability to burn fat by adding in a little more exercise to your day without even realising
August 11, 2019

Enhance the body’s ability to burn fat by adding in a little more exercise to your day without even realising

Keep moving, we hear it all the time in the news and media most days but it is true. The only way to stay healthy is to eat a balanced diet and keep the body moving through daily exercise. If you are on a mission to burn fat to increase the overall health of your body and mind then moving is a really important part of the process.

Each and every day we have to move our bodies to complete our daily tasks but did you know you could increase the fat-burning potential of your body without even realising? By taking up some of the ideas on the list below you can increase your heart rate and get your body working that little bit more even before you even attempt an exercise workout or visited the gym. Best of all you won’t even realise you are working out.


One of healthiest life changes you can make and help your body to burn more fat is to give up driving where possible. If you have the school run, walking the kids to school then heading on foot to work might mean leaving the house a little earlier but it really will increase the health of you and your family. When you can aim to power walk or even mix in a gentle jog to up the fat burn.

Add in a little more fat burning by offering to take the dog out for its morning exercise or after dinner energy release.


Another great way to commute by ditching the car and getting the body moving whether it be to school, work or the gym.

Take the stairs

Instead of taking the lift to the department store top floor or work office find the stairs and get active. Set a challenge to take on the stairs as quickly as you can or step two at a time to get the legs and glutes working a little harder. Remember to consider your footwear and if you are carrying anything before setting your challenge as falling down them won’t be the greatest exercise routine.

Clean the house

When you add in all the tasks involved in tidying up the house or giving it a good clean it really does add up to be quite the workout. Stretching, reaching, lifting and climbing up and down stairs all make up the elements of exercises that could be part of gym workout so put on some motivational music and get cleaning.

Don’t forget the gardening too! A little green gym will do wonders for the mind as well as increasing exercise.

Dance with Kids

Exercising with the family is a great way to have fun, spend time together and work on that healthy body and mind all in one go. Learn some new routines or have a dance-off, either way, it doesn’t matter how good or bad you are its all about keeping moving.

Computer games

Love them or loathe them they can actually be a great way to increase the daily movement of your body and spend time together as a family. Select the active games that involve competing against one another or work as a team to stay healthy.

Have fun at the park

When you head to the park with family increase the health benefits by joining in the game of football, running races or set a challenge on the playground, for example, the monkey bars, It is all about joining in so be prepared to test your strength and endurance.

Whether you are at home with the family, heading to work or out alone with the dog keeping the body moving and exercising really is so easy and you won’t even realise you’re increasing the fat burn as you go.