Increase your motivation for exercise and boost mood by taking your workout outdoors.
August 11, 2019

Increase your motivation for exercise and boost mood by taking your workout outdoors.

Maintaining the motivation to keep up exercising can at times be challenging. What with the everyday pressures juggling work, study or family commitments choosing to miss a workout can sometimes be the first thing that gives, but actually continuing to make time for exercise can really help you to manage the challenging times a lot easier.

Deciding to get the heart pumping and maintain a healthy lifestyle is great and not only does it keep the heart and body healthy it is also one of the best ways to keep your mind healthy due to the endorphins released during exercise.

How about taking your workout outdoors to really embrace the mood-boosting environment of the great outdoors? Being outdoors has long been proven as a great way to calm the mind, and choosing to exercise outdoors could really help to increase your motivation and have a positive impact on your mood after.

Pounding a treadmill in the gym is fine but running through the shade of a cool woodland area on a warm day will definitely add a new dimension to your exercise time. Not only will it be visually beautiful but the natural sounds around you such as birds and the breeze through the tree canopy will help the mind to relax and unwind improving mood after. So leave the headphones behind for this one.

Increasing the social aspects of exercising can really help motivation and joining a group such as a football, rugby, running or cycling club will really help you to feel more motivated to maintain exercise and continue to keep healthy, not only will the exercise boost your mind but the social interaction time before, during and after will continue to enhance mood.

Another great way to boost motivation is to sign up to a boot camp or exercise class, partaking in group exercise not only has a social benefit but it can also bring a new aspect to your weekly exercise workouts creating much more dynamic workout for your body and mind to benefit from.

Consider asking a friend or colleague if they would like to head out for exercise after work or university and then go straight out for a run, cycle or even head to a park and complete some challenges against one another, such as interval training or a bleep test.

The key to feeling inspired and motivated is to keep things varied and challenging, the routine of exercise can sometimes become boring and monotonous so mix things up and take your workout outdoors a couple of times a week. And don’t forget adding in a social element will also increase motivation and the mood-boosting benefits of exercise.