Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

This is the privacy policy for This policy briefly and clearly explains the personal data we collect from visitors to this website, how it is processed, and how we keep it secure.

We might change this policy from time to time (and without notice), so please check back often to ensure that you’re happy with our policy and approach. To be clear – by using our website you’re agreeing to be bound by this policy.

We use Google Analytics (GA) to track users of this site. Google Analytics does not collect individual data which could identify individuals such as name or email address but does collect I.P. addresses and location details. Read on for how and why we use this data.

We only collect individual personal data from our contact forms such as name, email address, and phone number.

We use Google Analytics to track visitor traffic – how and when users visit our site. We are not able and don’t intend to market ourselves, or any clients, to any individual in this way. You can find their Global Terms of Service here.

We use the data from the contact form to answer any questions or potential business enquiries and will only send occasional marketing communications to those who opt-in and anyone can opt-out from these emails at any time.

We do not currently employ any other cookies other than for Google Analytics. Click here to view our Cookie Policy.

We do not share any data from this website with any third parties.

We store Google Analytics data from this website for the standard amount of time, which is 26 months.

This site has a valid SSL certificate to ensure a secure encrypted connection.


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