Strength exercises to boost testosterone
July 12, 2019

Strength exercises to boost testosterone

Feeling healthy, fit and strong is a great way to improve performance and enhance self-confidence, a strong body and mind comes from focusing on living a healthy lifestyle, a nutritious balanced diet rich in protein and exercise that is dedicated and focused on strength building workouts.

Using exercise to boost testosterone is a great way to enhance the body in lots of ways such as boosting mood, improving concentration, improving muscle shape and quality, and enhancing strength.

There are different types of strength training and these include,

  • Targeting individual muscle groups with weights such as using cable pulls, barbells, dumbbells and EZ bar
  • Compound exercise that targets numerous muscle groups at once for example dumbbell squats or barbell deadlifts
  • Bodyweight exercises also known as callisthenics such as press-ups, dips, planks and squats

Whatever exercises you choose to make up your workout aim to keep it varied as to ensure all muscle groups are worked and mix it up to use all types of strength training. Aim for low reps, for example, 6-8, but with heavy weights and a high number of sets.

Strength training has many benefits and one of these is boosting testosterone levels in the body but did you know that by working on the largest muscles in the body such as the legs you will actually release more testosterone? Ensure that you include plenty of leg strengthening exercises and keep them varied to ensure that you work the different muscles individually. So whatever you do, don’t skip on the leg exercises when you work out.

Another great tip is exercises that use muscles to hold positions (fixators) work more than just the muscle targeted for example squats, planks and lunges so add in plenty of these to really provide the muscles with a varied workout.

Remember building strength takes time so don’t start off too heavy and cause exhaustion as your motivation will dip. Allow rest and recovery time between workouts to allow the body time to recharge, heal, repair and build muscle and don’t forget to refuel after with healthy food choices.