Super charge your workout with a healthy pre workout breakfast
July 12, 2019

Super charge your workout with a healthy pre workout breakfast

Starting the day with a healthy breakfast is the best way to boost energy levels and allows your body and mind the nutrients it needs to function in a healthy positive way. This is even more important if you plan to head to the gym or fit in some exercise before you start work.

You wouldn’t expect a car to work at its best if you didn’t fill it with the right ingredients so how you can you expect your body to do the same? Fuelling your body pre-workout is vital to having a successful session whether it be in the gym, with a personal trainer, or exercise that is part of your daily commute such as running or cycling.

To achieve the best results during exercise you need to put the right foods in to allow you to work well, avoid injury and avoid illness due to exhaustion. It is vital to remember that although your body needs a healthy start pre-workout it also needs time to digest food before exercise begins so don’t forget to allow time for this when planning your mornings. So what are the best foods to supercharge your workouts? Below you will find a few ideas to tantalise the taste buds and prepare your body for exercise.

Nut Butters

Quick, easy, super energising but light to digest and really simple to prepare is nut butter on wholemeal toast or rye bread. Nut butter, such as peanut, cashew, almond or walnut to name but a few, is full of protein and the steady release of carbohydrates from the wholemeal bread will provide long-lasting energy. Add in slices of chopped banana and your energy and nutrients will increase even more.


Full of protein and iron eggs make the perfect pre-workout breakfast when coupled up with wholemeal toast, rye bread or other nutritious ingredients such as avocado, tomatoes or mushrooms. Eggs when paired with avocado on toast, for example, provide a good all-round balance of protein, slow-release carbs and healthy fats and nutrients perfect for energising you.


Natural yoghurt is a great pre-workout breakfast item as it is full of protein and calcium while also being very low in fat. A smoothie made with natural yoghurt, berries and banana will provide a light easily digestible breakfast that has lots of slow-release energy yet packs a powerful protein boost too. Smoothies are great for running and cycling as they are light on the stomach, provide hydration and can easily be prepared the night before.

Porridge Oats

Has long been known as the superfood breakfast option due to its health benefits such as being low in fat (when made with low-fat milk or water) while full of wholegrains so it will keep you fuller for longer allowing energy to be released slowly and did you know it can help to lower cholesterol? The wholegrains contain beta-glucan which is a soluble fibre that when paired with a heathy balanced diet can help to reduce cholesterol.

It is of no wonder then that this would make a great choice when choosing a pre-workout breakfast option. Add in chopped fruit, a spoon full of nut butter or nuts and seeds and you will have a breakfast that will fuel your workout and provide protein, nutrients and healthy fats all in one.

Whatever tempts you from the tantalising breakfast ideas above it is important to remember that your pre-workout breakfast should be right for you and your exercise plans. Remember to create balanced meals that provide your body with a range of carbohydrates perfect for slow-release energy, protein to help energise and repair muscles, calcium for strong bones and nutrients and vitamins that will help the body to recover and repair so illness, exhaustion and injury can be avoided.